Dodson Urban Pest Management Laboratory



The Dodson Urban Pest Management Laboratory (DUPML) as part of the Virginia Tech Department of Entomology in Blacksburg, Virginia, is a facility dedicated to the research of urban arthropod pests in structures and the landscape. The mission of the laboratory is to conduct research and provide the most innovative pest management information to the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, Pest Management Professionals and the public. 

The following is a summary of the research projects being conducted at the Dodson Urban Pest Management Lab:

Dr. Dini Miller: Subterranean termite foraging behavior and the use of structural and chemical guide lines to enhance entry into bait and monitoring stations. Also, the use of German cockroach aggregation pheromone to enhance integrated pest management strategies. 


Tim McCoy, M.S.: Research technician- Responsible for conducting laboratory and field evaluations of baits for German cockroaches.  Duties also include insect colony maintenance and general upkeep of laboratory.



Preston Brown:  Masters student- Determining seasonal fluctuations in the pest ant species complex in Puerto Rican housing developments.

Hamilton Allen:  Masters student- Conducting research on Red Imported Fire Ants.


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